What are mini-trucks?
Mini-trucks are lightweight trucks similar in size to a golf cart. They are manufactured in Japan and are used in Japan as regular road transportation.

Why are mini-trucks making their way to the United States?

In Japan, mini-trucks are often used for regular travel. However, the cost of owning an older model mini-truck increases significantly. The Japanese government imposes high taxes and fees on older models because the emissions increase considerably. There is little to no market for used or older mini-Trucks in Japan because of the high costs of owning one.

Daihatsu Hijet 
Daihatsu Truck Models:
S80P 550 EB Engine
S81P 550 EB Engine
S66 550 AB Engine
S83P 660 EF Engine
S110P 660 EF Engine 
S110W 660 EF Engine
S210P 660 EF Engine

Honda ACTY 
Honda Truck Models:
TC 550 EH Engine
HA2 550 E05A Engine
HA4 660 E07A Engine

Mitsubishi Mini Cab
Mitsubishi Mini Cab Truck Models:
UT12T 550 G23B Engine
UT14T 550 3G81 Engine
UT15T 550 3G81 Engine
UT18T 550 3G81 Engine
UT19T 660 3G83 engine
UT42T 660 3G83 Engine
U62T 660 3G83 Engine

Subaru Sambar 
Subaru Truck Models:
KT6 550 EK23 Engine
KS4 660 EN07 Engine
KS3 660 EN07 Engine

Suzuki Carry
Suzuki Truck Models:
DB41T 550 F5B Engine
DB71T 550 F5A Engine
ST41 550 F5A Engine
DB51T 660 F6A Engine
DD51T 660 F6A Engine 
DB52T 660 F6A Engine

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